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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

50% Off LSD! And Other Cyber Monday Drug Deals on the Dark Web

Encrypted marketplaces have been eager to join in the Cyber Monday fun this year.

3 Substance

This screen capture illustrates one of the many marketplaces for illicit goods on the Dark Web, which has cashed in on the Cyber Monday phenomenon with special discounts this past weekend. Photo Via

A screen-grab from “Sheep,” one of many Dark-Web marketplaces with Cyber Monday discounts. Image via

No one escapes the feeding frenzy that surrounds Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not even the customers of marketplaces on the so-called Dark Web—a portion of the Internet accessible only via encrypted networks, where illegal goods are often sold.

Just like on the “traditional” web, a variety of these marketplaces have been offering deals all weekend on everything from botox to LSD to fake IDs.

“Despite law enforcement efforts to take these sites down, we are starting to see an influx of adverts towards Black Friday with two of the remaining major markets currently boasting over 20,000 adverts,” says Benjamin Ali, a senior investigator at Centient, a the Dark Web intelligence service provider.

Courtesy of International Business Times, here are some examples of deals that were offered today:

* 50% off LSD

*Buy three-get-one-free on liquid mushrooms

* 1oz of marijuana reduced to $200

* Free Suboxone with any orders over $50

* Free delivery on various drugs