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Walter Armstrong Walter Armstrong

A Clever Excuse to Run a Peaches Geldof Photo and Headline

2 Substance


Heroin cough syrup from Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

The death by heroin overdose of Peaches Geldof on April 7 has resulted in a full month of media coverage. Such deaths tend to bring out the worst in celebrity journalism—no small achievement. “Why did a young, beautiful, rich, talented, etc., woman—a mother of two very young sons and the wife of a good man—DO IT?!?!” A Google News search for “Peaches + Geldof + drugs +death + why” churns up 28,200 results.

The media will keep at it, flogging a dead Geldof, until there is nothing left to report but whether the carcass was rendered into glue or leather. We have not arrived there yet.

Today the Independent, a middle-brow British daily, ran a tasteful photo of Peaches Geldof looking clear-eyed and happy in a red dress, cleverly pairing it with a piece about the interesting history of heroin, complete with a gallery of old-time black-and-white photos showing its development from medicinal to criminal substance. Read it here.