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Substance.com aims to enhance understanding of the whole range of people’s relationships with drugs and potentially addictive habits. We will report, investigate and analyze developments in the areas of addiction, addiction treatment, harm reduction, recovery, problem and non-problem use, and the associated politics and cultures. We will do this by combining original material with the best curated content from around the web. We aim to represent different lifestyles and perspectives open-mindedly, while hosting a vibrant, supportive online community and forum for debate.

Columnists: Maia SzalavitzJeff DeeneyStanton Peele

Contributors: Nick Alexandrov, Marc AlmondKenneth AndersonElizabeth Atlas, Laura Barcella, Jesse BeachSarah Beller, Jesse Bercowetz, Keri Blakinger, Dana Bowman, Rachael BrownellClaire Buhay, Angelika Byczkowski, Yolande CadoreChelsea CarmonaTessie CastilloSean Chaffin, Dave ChawnerSally ChewJenny ChuJacqueline Detwiler, Michael DharFrancis Engel, Charles Ulysses Farley, Seth Ferranti, Molly FogelEdward FoxKevin GallagherErica Garza, Tyler GillespieDiane Goldstein, John Gordon, Charlotte Grey, Chrisanne GriseMatt Harvey, Sarah HazlegroveJosiah M. Hesse, Allie HolbrookPeter HollinsTom HorvathChristopher Hoss, David Jentsch, Scott KelloggGrace KemenyJohanna King-Slutzky, Nicholas KlassenRachel Kramer BusselJohn Lally, Bob Lederer, Jake LessickBarry LessinPhillipe LucasDavid Macaray, Katie MacBrideColin MooreJude Kevin Mulhearn, Harper NovakTony O’Neill, Kelsey Osgood, Megan PetersHelen Redmond, Lee RileyKatherine Roe, Sean Salach, Mei Schultz, Maggie SerotaSue SmithMarie Southard OspinaEllen Sousares, Eric Sterling, Jeanene SwansonElizabeth Thompson, Shen TingtingEthlie Ann Vare, Heidi Vanderlee, Danny VegaKathleen Volk Miller, Joe WestmorelandBrian Whitney, Chester Woodcliff

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