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Has Adrian, Michigan Developed the Perfect Treatment Program?

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Across the nation, thousands of addiction and recovery programs offer support for those struggling with substance abuse. Approaches vary and results do, too. Is there a secret recipe to success?

A new facility in Adrian, MI hopes they have found it. Offering a whole-body approach, the U1st Transitional Living Program is currently under construction and development.

Program creators know that addiction affects every aspect of life. With this in mind, the goal of the program is to bring healing to all of these areas.

The program will open in what was previously the setting for a medical marijuana resource center and a work-release program. Project coordinators are transforming the building into a program facility that is equipped to support all aspects of clients’ lives in recovery. The first floor will house the residential program, offering at least 30 beds. Counseling and a nutritional program will make up the second floor, and the third floor is slotted for future sober-living apartments.

A clinical team and medical professionals will provide the support to manage group and individual therapy and help residents develop and maintain a sober lifestyle. The goal is to incorporate body, mind, and spirit. This is accomplished through a multi-faceted approach:

  • Housing: Clients will be able to stay at the facility for 6 months to a year as they work on their recovery. Eventually, the building will offer additional residential support through sober-living apartments.
  • Nutrition: In the nutritional center, residents will learn how a proper diet can enhance their recovery. Trainers will use hands-on instruction in the facility kitchen to teach residents healthy food preparation. Residents will also learn general nutrition information and grocery shopping tips.
  • Employment: The program will include support for job acquisition and educational opportunities. Each resident will undergo career assessment and explore opportunities for work placement. Academic and computer training will be available, as well as job-retention skills training.
  • Family: Since addiction often leads to relationship strain and broken families, the program will focus on family reunification. U1st will partner with court administrators to develop strategies to reunite children and parents. The program will also work with Child Protective Services to further efforts for reunification.
  • Recreation: Recreational programming will provide residents the opportunity to develop healthy habits and activities. U1st will use community resources to enhance this aspect of the program.

Initially, the facility will target women, but the hope is to eventually expand to both men and women. The program is scheduled to open in 2018.

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