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Walter Armstrong Walter Armstrong

Cocktails Under a Microscope Look Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

4 Substance

BevShots is an Internet company that sells wall art made out of alcohol.

Does that mean they, like, throw red wine, bourbon, crème de menthe and other colorful liquors against a white wall until something pretty happens? No, it does not.

Something pretty definitely happens, but the process is all very high tech. A drop or two of a particular alcoholic beverage is crystalized on a slide and then photographed under a polarized light microscope. Refracted by the crystals, the light turns into colors and patterns that are yet another of nature’s infinite wonders.

BevShots pitches prints of these wonders as “creative birthday ideas, gifts for housewarming parties, groomsmen [?] wedding gifts” and the like. Mother Nature does not get a cut of the profit, however.

Below, two specials of the day: (from top) Sex on the Beach cocktail (vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, orange juice) and American pale ale. For more pretty pictures, go here.