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Jake Lessick Jake Lessick

Bogota Bans Booze During World Cup Match

The move is an attempt to prevent booze-'n'-soccer-fueled violence.

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Bogata’s mayor, Gustavo Petro, has announced a booze ban in Colombia’s capital during the nation’s second World Cup match against Ivory Coast today, out of concern for public safety. The ban is a response to a rash of booze-fueled violence and chaos after the country’s 3-0 victory over Greece last Saturday, which resulted in ”around 3,000 fights, 1,500 announced via 123 [police phone number], that resulted in over 100 injured with knives, 15 with firearms, 9 dead, traffic accidents, roadblocks,” says Petro. Yikes.

The ban will last until 6 am following the game, and hospitals will be put on alert. Authorities will also set up alcohol checkpoints throughout the city to avoid traffic accidents, and police will monitor the city with helicopters. “We hope for celebrations of soccer in peace. Reject violence,” Petro tweeted.

Countries around the globe, including host nation Brazil, have expressed concern over alcohol-related violence during World Cup celebrations. Back in 2010, the UK reportedly saw a 28% rise in drinking-related offenses around the time of the tournament.