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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Brits Spend More on Drugs and Prostitutes Than They Do on Beer and Wine

An analysis of the United Kingdom's vices yields some surprising results.

4 Substance

Brits love booze. In fact, a recent survey found that the average Brit spends £50,000 (over $80,000) on alcohol in his or her lifetime, with Londoners predictably squandering the most.

But lest we imagine that British vices are limited to beer and wine, newly released data from the Office for National Statistics suggests that the UK’s citizens are willing to shell out even more money on a combination of illegal drugs and prostitutes (mostly the drugs, we should add). More than £12 billion (over $19 billion) was spent last year on illegal drugs and sexual services, while the total spent on beer and wine in 2013 was a “mere” £11 billion (nearly $18 billion). Although adding Scotch, say, to the booze total would have significantly tilted the balance.

This chart cheekily compares the rates of spending on sex, drugs and hairdressers in the UK over the last three years.