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The Daily Buzz: April 1, 2014

Pot-smoking students "perform better academically" than their tobacco-smoking peers; Indiana had the most meth-busts in the country last year; and faux campaign billboards in Toronto poke fun at Rob Ford's crack use.

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Pot-Smokers “Perform Better Academically” Than Tobacco-Smokers
A study of Canadian high-school students suggests that teens who use tobacco get worse grades and engage in more “deviant behavior” than their marijuana-using peers.

New Jersey Prosecutors Come Out as Pro-Pot
The New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association—which includes the very people who prosecute pot users—have come out in favor of legalization, saying it could save the government money spent on law enforcement.

Vermonters Freak Out Over Image of Heroin User on a Maple Syrup Bottle
Rolling Stone posted the image to illustrate the state’s heroin problem. But Vermont’s maple sugar makers voice protest, saying it’s wrong to link maple syrup to heroin. True: Only one is good on pancakes.

Move Over, Missouri: Indiana Is Now the Nation’s Meth Bust Capital
Check out this map if you’re curious which states in the US had the most meth seizures last year. Spoiler alert: most are in the midwest.

Fake Campaign Billboards Mock Rob Ford’s Crack Habit
Billboards for Toronto’s new mayoral candidates have slogans like “If elected, I promise I will just get publicly drunk” and “He promises to just smoke pot as mayor, not crack.” The billboards are supposedly a joke and not affiliated with the candidates.

Facebook Drinking Game “NekNomination” Lands Nine-Year-Old in the ER
A child in the UK was hospitalized after playing the popular game, in which kids post videos of themselves on social media sites drinking bizarre concoctions of alcohol and then dare their friends to outdo them. She is recovering.