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The Daily Buzz: April 2, 2014

Twenty-somethings spend the most money on booze; "Knights Templar" leader confirmed dead; and drug cartel violence is causing an American lime shortage.

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These are troubled times for limes.

Welp, It’s Official: Twenty-Somethings Spend the Most on Booze
This graph shows how Americans’ spending habits change from age 25-75. It seems that drinking and going out to bars/restaurants peaks in the twenties and decline steadily after that. “Surprising!” says no one.

Mexico Confirms Knights Templar Cartel Leader Dead
Enrique Plancarte was considered one of four leaders of the deadly Knights Templar cartel, which is based in Michoacan state.

Study: “It’s Too Easy” for Patients to Get Prescription Painkillers
Study finds that doctors were much more likely to prescribe certain addictive meds—such as potent painkiller Oxycodone—if patients requested them. But experts says a patient requesting a specific painkiller should raise a red flag.

Nearly 80% of England’s Cocaine Is Laced With Veterinary Drug Levamisole
Reportedly, the worming medicine used on cows and horses is a popular adulterant and was found in 80% of the country’s cocaine seizures; levamisole may cause “skin rot” in humans. So be careful, humans.

MADD: Parents Should Tell Their Kids NO Underage Drinking
Mothers Against Drunk Driving has a new campaign and they aren’t messing around: they say all parents need to be clear that drinking before age 21 is unacceptable.

Mexican Drug Cartels Responsible for US Lime Shortage
Cartel violence in Mexico, plus floods and tree disease, have driven lime costs up, and American margarita-drinkers are feeling the loss. Life is now handing lemons to many bartenders in place of limes.