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The Daily Buzz: April 4, 2014

FDA approves a handheld device to treat drug overdoses; drinking two cups of coffee daily could reduce your risk of liver disease by a lot; and less smoking on TV is linked to falling smoking rates in real life.

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Smoking on TV is a thing of the stone age. Photo Via

FDA Approves Portable Drug Overdose Treatment
A handheld device called “Evzio” delivers a dose of the drug naloxone, to treat someone who has stopped breathing or lost consciousness from an opioid drug overdose. What’s not to like?

Drinking Coffee Could (Majorly) Decrease Your Risk of Death by Liver Disease
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis kills an estimated 32,000 people a year in the US. But two or more cups o’ joe a day could reduce the risk of death from liver cirrhosis by 66%, according to a new study. Great! But is it still healthy if you drink two cups an hour? Asking for a friend.

Are Meth Lab Clean Up Companies in New Zealand Exploiting Homeowners for Profit?
Some meth lab clean-up companies in NZ are accused of scamming homeowners by pretending their homes are more contaminated then they really are. Not kewl, Kiwis.

Fewer Are Smoking Cigarettes on TV, and in Real Life
In the ’50s and ’60s, it seemed everyone cool on TV—even Fred Flintstone—was a smoker. But today, small screen protagonists are much less likely to light up. And new research suggests this has an impact on falling smoking rates IRL (In Real Life). Unless you’re following in the footsteps of Don Draper, scoundrels.

Alcoholic Court Stenographer Goes Rogue, “Wreaks Havoc” on 30 Cases
A Manhattan stenographer reportedly would type random gibberish, or write “I hate my job” repeatedly on court transcripts. He says he went to rehab and has been sober a year. Good for him! Also, sksskkkkHGG$*%&*$gkejgf## I like my job!

CBS Delays Times Square’s First Marijuana Ad
The ad was meant to go up on Tuesday morning but was pulled for review by the CBS legal team. Keep an eye out, New Yorkers, for the words “HIGH, NYC” on a light green background—an ad for Weedmaps, a medical marijuana review site. Times Square is about to get a lot cooler! Just kidding. Not possible.