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The Daily Buzz: April 8, 2014

Scientists defend the 12 Steps; alcohol makes female rodents affectionate, male rodents distant; and Lindsay Lohan admits to breaking her sobriety.

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In Defense of 12 Steps: What Science Really Tells Us About Addiction
Last week, author and psychiatrist Dr. Lance Dodes made news by stating that the 12 Steps are built on faulty principles and have a low success rate. In response, two Harvard Medical School professors of psychiatry say that 12-step programs are one of the most scientifically viable forms of addiction treatment available. Ka pow!

States Target Meth Labs With Name-and-Shame Strategy
In efforts to crack down on meth, states are turning to a tactic more commonly used to target sex offenders: a public online registry for the names of people who refuse to clean up their meth messes.

Alcohol Makes Female Rodents Fall in Love, and Male Rodents Run Away
Booze causes males to scamper for the hills, while causing females to get attached—at least, for prairie voles. This is according to a study in which scientists gave booze to voles and then documented their drunken behavior towards the opposite sex. This answers a few questions, while raising many more, such as: Did the female prairie voles drink cosmopolitans while the male voles pounded Budweiser?

Man Busted at JFK Attempting to Smuggle 7 Lbs. of Cocaine Inside Frozen Meat
A man was attempting to transport drugs inside three large packages of goat meat from Trinidad to the US. His packages raised a few red flags in customs, for some reason.

Lindsay Lohan Admits to Relapse on OWN Show
After her flaky behavior on-screen has prompted many to doubt her sobriety, the star of OWN docuseries Lindsay admits to having had “one glass of wine.” Her sober coach also quits at the end of the episode. Televising a person’s recovery seems to be a nightmare for everyone involved.