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The Daily Buzz: March 10, 2014

Attorney General pushes for use of overdose reversal drug; Mexican drug lord is pronounced dead for the second time; and Massachusetts makes mass arrests for pre-St. Paddy's Day drunkenness.

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Attorney General Pushes For Use of Naloxone to Help Stop Heroin OD’s
Eric Holder call heroin addiction a “growing public health crisis” and urges all first responders to carry the OD-reversal drug.

State Oversight May Tame California Pot Shops
California’s multi-billion dollar medical marijuana industry is booming. Will a new bill harsh its buzz?

Unsaintly behavior Photo Via

Unsaintly behavior Photo Via

Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Killed, For the Second Time
Feared La Familia drug boss Nazario Moreno, presumably since 2010, was declared dead on Sunday. For real this time.

Video of Philadelphia Mother Nodding Out On Bus Goes Viral, Police Investigate
The video of a seemingly heroin-addled mother and her young daughter went viral on Facebook; local police chide fellow passengers for not alerting authorities.

Drunken Unruliness Led to 73 Arrests at Amherst St. Paddy’s Day Party
For some early revelers, their cups runneth over and their luck runneth dry.

Binge Drinking Trend “Neknominate” Inspires Random Acts of Kindness in South Africa 
A charity takes a deadly drinking game and turns it in to something positive.