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The Daily Buzz: March 11, 2014

Colorado makes millions from legal pot, "selfies" could pave the road towards addiction, and vodka saves a dog's life.

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Colorado Marijuana Taxes Netted 2$ Million in January
That’s a lot of dough.

Do Selfies Drive Teens to Drink?
A new study claims teens whose friends post “selfies” with cigarettes and booze are 20% more likely to become addicts.

Colorado Airs “Drive High, Get a DUI” Ads
The PSA’s warn pot smokers: “Installing your TV while high is now legal. Driving to get a new one isn’t.”

Binge Drinking More Dangerous For People Over 50
Research finds occasional binge drinking is more dangerous for older people than regular, moderate alcohol consumption.

New OWN Docuseries Follows Lindsay Lohan’s Life After Rehab
Exploitative? Or educational and empowering? Either way, people are watching.

Maltese Terrier Saved by Vodka
Hair of the dog was a lifesaver for a pup in Australia, who had ingested a fatal amount of coolent. The terrier is going to be fine, once he sleeps off his epic hangover.