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The Daily Buzz: March 12, 2014

Conflicting reports about teen drinking levels, woman drug-tested against her will sues hospital, and rapper Chief Keef really, really hated court-ordered rehab.

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Survey: Teens’ Drug, Alcohol Use Declining
Teen alcohol, tobacco and pot use have dropped by 25-50% since 2000, claims drugfree.org.

College Students Binge Drinking More Than Ever
But binge drinking has “sharply increased” among this population.

Your Brain on Booze
When you get drunk, you eat pizza and text your ex. But why? It’s all about that amygdala and hippocampus.

Woman Sues Hospital After Accusation Of Opiate Use
A Pennsylvania mother says she was tested against her will; and the positive results came from a piece of poppyseed bread.

Rehab-Bound Jet Blue Passenger Causes Emergency Landing
This young man decided to go out with a bang, forcing his plane to make a pit-stop in Florida.

Rapper Completes Mandated 90-Days, Releases “Fuck Rehab” Track
Chief Keef just finished his court-ordered stint at Promises Malibu. He’s not a fan.