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The Daily Buzz: March 13, 2014

Quitting smoking could boost your mood as well as your health, AG Holder calls for reduced sentences for drug offenders, and Colorado cops train to bust stoned drivers.

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Does Quitting Smoking Improve Your Mood?
Another con of smoking, according to various studies, is it hampers your mood. What are the pros again?

Holder Calls for Reduced Sentences for Low-level Drug Offenders US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. called for reduced sentencing, across the country, for most drug cases. This will affect nearly 70 percent of drug offenders throughout the criminal justice system.

Colorado Cops Learn How to Spot High Drivers
Breath tests can’t detect pot, so state law enforcement is innovating ways to crack down on high driving.

Two People Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver at South by Southwest A suspected drunk driver fleeing arrest in Austin crashed through event barricades killing two bystanders on the spot.

Dating Site Reveals British Drug Hot Spots
US dating site AYI.com has used its questionnaire to determine where in the UK people use the most drugs. Handy.

Iowa Hockey Fans Sue Arena Over Boosted Beer Prices
A group of sports fans won’t stand for being duped in to paying 7$ for a 4$ beer.