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The Daily Buzz: March 19, 2014

Teens know not to drink and drive but do it anyways, survey shows; government approves first study of marijuana as treatment for PTSD; and the artist who made herself throw up on Lady Gaga says she's making art, not "glorifying bulimia."

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Federal Government Approves Study of Medical Marijuana for Treating PTSD
This is a landmark in medical pot research: It would be the first controlled trial to test how pot suppresses the symptoms of PTSD, including flashbacks, insomnia and anxiety.

Survey: Teens Know Drinking and Driving is Dangerous, Do It Anyways
86% of teens say they understand the risks of drunk driving, but one in 10 drive under the influence anyways. And many don’t understand that “designated driver” equals sober driver. Everyone stay indoors.

Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Enters Rehab After DWI Arrest
The football team owner checked himself voluntarily in to rehab on Tuesday after being caught drunk driving with illegal prescription pills in his car.

Vomit artist Millie Brown: "chic" or "eek"? Photo Via

Vomit artist Millie Brown: “chic” or “eek”? Photo Via

Mexican Drug Cartel Member Suspected of Organ Trafficking
One of the country’s notoriously brutal cartels, The Knights Templar, may have reached a new low. A member is suspected of kidnapping people and harvesting their organs.

Michigan Teacher Gives Non-Alcoholic Beer to 5th Graders
In using O’Douls to teach a lesson about colonial times, a teacher learns a lesson himself: Don’t give beer to students, even the non-alcoholic kind.

Lady Gaga’s Vomit Artist Defends Against “Bulimia Chic” Accusations
Singer Demi Lovato said Gaga’s performance glorified bulimia. But artist Millie Brown, who swallowed paint and induced vomiting on to Gaga during the concert, cites her freedom of expression. What do¬†you think?