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The Daily Buzz: March 18, 2014

Nations can't agree about drugs at UN conference; US Army general wants more cash to combat trafficking; and Chris Brown is kicked out of rehab and sent to jail.

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They tried to make him go to rehab, but rehab said no, no, no. Photo Via

Countries Clash Over Drug Policy at UN Conference
The conference highlights growing divisions between member states on how to move forward in dealing with the global drug problem. Though it is unanimous on one count: Something needs to change.

Army General Requests More Money to Stop Flow of Drugs in to the US
Gen. John Kelly testified that 80% of drugs get past the border because of inadequate resources to intercept them.

Marijuana Dispensaries Can’t Catch a (Tax) Break
Pot shops are blocked from enjoying the federal tax breaks offered to other small businesses. Some dispensaries are now fighting the IRS over soaring tax rates of up to 50%.

Michigan Stadium Will Remain Booze-Free
Call it contrary to the spirit of football, but the owners of the U of Michigan stadium don’t want to deal with thousands of drunk football fans. They’re keeping it a soft drink-only zone.

Chris Brown Kicked Out of Rehab, Sent to Jail
The rapper, who was court-mandated to rehab for anger management and problem drug use, was kicked out for making “troubling comments” about guns and knives. He is now in jail, where he may remain for a month or more.

Is Cannabis Farming Destroying the Planet?
Buzz-spoiler alert: an article examines the “landscape-scarring, energy-sucking, wildlife-killing reality” of growing pot. Well that sounds decidedly un-green.