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The Daily Buzz: March 20, 2014

Americans think their politicians are probably high, but don't care; Berlusconi's former aide busted importing 53 lbs of cocaine; and Oprah partners with Starbucks to bring booze to stores nationwide.

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Americans Think Politicians Are Probably High, But Don’t Care
A poll finds that on average, Americans guess about 30% of their Congressmen smoke weed, but they’re cool with it.

Venezuela Arrests Seven in Cocaine Case of Berlusconi’s Ex-Aide
Federica Gagliardi, ex-aide to former PM of Italy, was held last week at a Rome airport after 53 lbs of cocaine were found in her carry-on luggage.

Can Chicago Curb Menthol Smoking among African-American Youth?
The city is taking the lead in nationwide efforts to restrict the sales of highly-addictive mentholated cigarettes, especially to young people.

Starbucks To Bring Alcohol to Thousands of Stores, With a Little Help From Oprah
Evidently being a universal coffee empire wasn’t quite enough for this chain; so they’ve partnered with Winfrey and decided to expand their menus to include beer and wine. Will this affect the bathroom lines?

Mississippi Prosecutes Teen Mom For Using Cocaine and Giving Birth to Stillborn Baby
Sadly, this is one of many cases across the country in which women, especially young women of color, are being charged with murder for pre-natal drug use.

Justin Bieber Blames Failed Sobriety Test on a Broken Foot
The 20-year-old pop star, who was arrested for DUI and drag racing, says a hairline fracture caused his wobbly walk.