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The Daily Buzz: March 21, 2014

Report details how California is the entry point for most US meth; development of the "love hormone" oxytocin may predict likelihood of addiction; and could "vaping" threaten the pot legalization movement?

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Report: Most Meth Enters US Through California
About 70% of drugs make it past US border patrol, says a recent report; and Mexico to Southern Cali is a major meth hub.

Poor Oxytocin Development Could Be to Blame for Alcohol and Drug Addiction
The “love hormone,” which impacts relationships, could also predict a person’s relationships to drugs and alcohol.

Drug Cartels Use Big Banks to Launder Profits
If you use a bank to store your cash, it could be rooming alongside some unsavory dollars. Mexican trafficking organizations allegedly earn $19-29 billion a year from selling drugs in the US—that’s too much cash to handle without the help of big banks.

Woman Shows Up Naked And Drunk to Visit Husband In Jail
Being married to someone in jail could have many downsides. For one: Surprising your hubs in your birthday suit makes national headlines.

Could “Vaping” Threaten the Pot Legalization Movement?
Highly-portable and easily camouflaged “vape pens” are the new way the kids are toking up. But will they blow up pot’s spot by making it too easy to smoke in school?

Paul Walker’s Mom Seeks Guardianship Of Granddaughter Due to Her Mother’s Alcoholism
The late actor’s mother claims that Walker’s ex is unable to care for their 15-year-old daughter.