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The Daily Buzz: March 25, 2014

Smoking is increasingly a habit of the poor; alcohol's role in traffic deaths is vastly underreported; and a London "Tube" driver is suspended for being drunk on the job.

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Don't drink and conduct, kids. Photo Via

Best operated unimpaired. Photo Via

The Poor Are Smoking More as the Rich Smoke Less
Smoking started off as a habit of the well-to-do and shifted to the poor and working class. New data show that this disparity is increasing.

Study: Alcohol’s Role in Traffic Deaths Vastly Underreported
Alcohol is often not listed as a cause of death on death certificates, so drunk driving statistics may be a “vast” underestimation.

Where Have All the Anti-Drug PSAs Gone?
The now-iconic “This is your brain on drugs” PSA made a big splat in the late ’80s. Since then, anti-drug PSAs are steadily declining, though drug use is not. Why?

David Cassidy Sentenced to Rehab After DUI Arrests
The former ’70s TV heartthrob is mandated to 90 days in drug and alcohol treatment. Growing up in the spotlight ain’t easy, etc.

London “Tube” Driver Suspended for Operating Train While Drunk
Tube, underground, metro, subway or train: Regardless of how you say it, operating one while under the influence is bloody bad conduct.