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The Daily Buzz: March 26, 2014

Feds try to untangle El Chapo's money-laundering web; drunk secret service agents sent home from Amsterdam; and drinking does make you funnier, study claims.

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Hilarious.   Image via Serge Seidlitz


Vast Web Hides Mexican Drug Profits in Plain Sight, Feds Say 
Authorities may have captured “El Chapo,” but now the real work begins as they try to untangle the Sinaloa cartel’s vast money-laundering web, all over the Internet.

Boozy Secret Service Agents Sent Home from Amsterdam
In Amsterdam ahead of President Obama’s visit, the trio were sent home again after a night out on the town went wrong. One of ‘em was found by hotel staff, passed out in a hallway. Classy.

Study: E-cigarettes Don’t Help People Quit Smoking
The study is a small one, but its finding that e-cigs don’t even help smokers to cut down on normal cigs is sure to keep this debate sparking.

Medical Marijuana May Ease Some MS Symptoms
Research conducted by the Oregon Health and Science University’s Multiple Sclerosis Center indicates that medical pot might be the most effective alternative medication for the relief of MS symptoms.

911 Bill Concerning Heroin Overdoses Clears Committee
The Louisiana state senate panel has passed a “Good Samaritan” bill—to make people who call 911 for help in overdose cases immune from drug possession charges.

It’s “Official:” Getting Drunk Makes You Funnier
So it’s true, apparently. You really are the funniest person in the room. A study by a University of Colorado psychologist and a journalist claims to show that people tell better jokes after two or three drinks.