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The Daily Buzz: March 27, 2014

Another Secret Service boozing incident emerges; Four Loko loses a lawsuit about marketing to underage drinkers; and an Arkansas woman is jailed for breastfeeding while pregnant.

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Secret Service Drinking Incident in the Netherlands Was Preceded by One in Miami 
During a Presidential trip to Miami, another three secret service agents were involved in a car accident and suspected of drinking.

Kids of Addicted Parents More Likely to Have Arthritis as Adults
A new study suggests people whose parents were drug or alcohol dependent are at a 58% higher risk for arthritis. Ouch.

Four Loko Will Stop Promoting to Underage Drinkers and Pay Out $400K
The makers of the popular fruity booze beverage have settled a lawsuit and agreed to put an end to loko marketing tactics, including hawking drinks on college campuses and showing underage drinkers in ads.

Utah to Legalize Medical Marijuana, With Limitations
The conservative state has passed a law permitting use of marijuana extract harvested in neighboring Colorado. For those who can get past the red tape.

Arkansas Woman Jailed for Drinking While Breastfeeding
The mother, who was reported by a waitress for having two beers while breastfeeding her child, says she didn’t realize it was illegal. The waitress who reported her has been fired.

Utah Man Named Christopher Reeves Arrested for DUI and Meth Possession While  Wearing Superman Shirt
Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is extremely un-super. In his defense, that name must carry a lot of pressure.