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The Daily Buzz: March 31, 2014

Some experts say the US drug war is shifting away from targeting low-level users; the way you smoke pot could predict if you get addicted; and teens are smoking coffee now!?

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How the kids are getting buzzed these days.

Is the US Drug War Shifting Fire Away From Low-Level Users?
Experts say the US may not be as tough-on-drugs as it once was, with new policies emphasizing treatment and health nearly as much as courtrooms and law enforcement. Do you agree times are changing?

How You Smoke Pot Could Determine Whether You Get Hooked
A study finds that smoking behaviors—like the size of the joint and frequency of inhalations—could predict marijuana dependence, rather than how much THC you inhale.

Smoking Bans Reduce Premature Births and Children’s Asthma
Banning smoking in public places has helped to cut premature births and children’s asthma attacks by 10%, according to new research. Positive news!

Teens Are Smoking Coffee Now
Young people are nothing if not creative in their attempts to get high. Today, it’s coffee. Tomorrow? Who knows. Parents: Hide everything.

How Can You Get the Drunkest on the Least Calories?
For those looking to get wasted with minimal damage to the waistline, these handy charts show the density and potency of various beverages. Turns out, the winner for highest buzz at lowest calories is champagne. More great news for rich people!