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The Daily Buzz: April 7, 2014

Mexican farmers increasingly grow opium poppies instead of cannabis; even with Obamacare, the health care system continues to fail addicts; and a woman is arrested for driving drunk with a hamster in her lap.

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Mexican Farmers Growing More Opium, Less Pot
A recent surge of cheap heroin in the Midwest is traced to Mexico, where farmers are increasingly finding opium poppies a more lucrative crop than cannabis.

What to Expect When You’re Getting Off Heroin
Addicts looking to get clean from heroin often face an uphill battle. This article takes a look at the process, and some of the obstacles to getting sober.

How the Health Care System is Failing Addicts, Even With Obamacare
The Affordable Care Act promises widespread access to addiction treatment, but a dated federal law limits the number of beds available via Medicaid.

Democratic Governors Resist Legalizing Marijuana, Despite Voter Support
Even with the democratic party leaning towards pro-legalization, most governors take a more conservative stance. Only Vermont’s governor Peter Shumlin has endorsed following in Colorado and Washington’s footsteps.

Smartphone App Designed to “Educate” Suspected Drunk Drivers
The app, currently for Iowa drivers, provides advice and legal education for drivers pulled over for suspected DUI. But by protecting drivers, does it enable drunk driving?

Woman Arrested for DUI Had a Hamster in Her Lap
An Oregon woman was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving with her small pet in the car. Three cops reportedly chased the critter down before placing it in “protective custody.” Does anyone want to adopt a hamster?