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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Dubai Creates Non-Alcoholic Wine Containing 24-Carat Gold

Sober and rolling in cash? Then this $150 bottle of gold-flecked booze with the alcohol sucked right out of it is just for you.

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Drink up, rich people. Photo via

Line up, sober high rollers. Photo via Lootah Premium Foods

Even sobriety could be expensive, if your drink-of-choice is $150-a-bottle  non-alcoholic wine flecked with 24-carat gold. Luckily you’ll only be tempted by this most opulent of beverages if you live in Dubai, a Gulf Arab emirate known for its over-the-top luxuries.

The beverage contains gold “for no good reason apart from it’s fun, it’s fantastic, it’s frivolous, it’s totally Dubai,” explains Tony Colley, head manager of the wine’s distributors Lootah Premium Foods. And restaurant owner Josh Benson says the beverage has sold well at his establishment so far. “For people that cannot drink…it’s a nicer thing to have with a steak than a Pepsi,” he says.

Alcohol is forbidden under Islamic law, but not all Muslim countries enforce this. Dubai is an especially liberal Emirate in the UAE, where alcohol is served in places with licenses, such as hotel bars. Still, many locals don’t drink. According to Colley, the wine is selling well. “I think we may have to find more grapes,” he says.

The brand, called “Lussor,” is produced by Spanish company Dismark Products, who remove the alcohol from the wine using a “vacuum technique.” And it claims to stand out from other non-alcoholic wines on the market because it doesn’t include glycerine, sugar or additives. Unless you count gold flakes as an additive. Will Lussor catch on at the richer end of the US recovery community? Bottoms up, one-percenters!