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Everything You Need to Know to Vote on the Marijuana Initiatives

Initiatives to reform or repeal marijuana laws are currently on the ballot for seven states and 17 municipalities.

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Today voters from around the country have the chance to change history by accelerating a nationwide movement to legalize marijuana and end the drug war. Voter initiatives to reform or repeal marijuana laws, including legalizing recreational and medicinal use, are currently on the ballot for seven states and 17 municipalities. So if you are on your way to the voting polls be sure to check out this handy primer of the key marijuana policy initiatives from around the country, created by The Drug Policy Alliance.

Oregon: Measure 91 would make Oregon the third state to legalize marijuana.

AlaskaMeasure 2 would make Alaska the first Republican state to legalize marijuana.

FloridaAmendment 2, proposes the first statewide medical marijuana legislation, and would be the first medical marijuana law in the South.

CaliforniaProposition 47 would change six low-level, nonviolent offenses (including drug possession) from felonies to misdemeanors. A huge step toward reducing mass incarceration rates.

District of ColumbiaInitiative 71 would make it legal for adults to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana.

New JerseyPublic Question No. 1 is a bail reform initiative that would reduce incarceration for low-level drug law violations.

New Mexico: Albuquerque and Santa Fe Counties will decide if their county should affirm marijuana decriminalization efforts.