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Walter Armstrong Walter Armstrong

Gambling Addiction Is Growing Fastest Among Seniors

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People over the age of 65 are getting addicted to gambling faster than any other age group. The problem can turn their “twilight” years very dark. At stake are their retirement savings, Social Security checks and any other “nest eggs” they have accumulated over decades of labor. They have far fewer opportunities to recoup their losses because new jobs are hard to find. Many also have steep medical bills. Yet the gaming industry persists in developing increasingly seductive ways to get seniors into casinos and to keep them there.

In her Alternet investigation, Lynn Stuart Parramore reveals some of the gaming industry’s remarkable marketing techniques:

Casinos are increasingly catering to older adults. Many even provide oxygen. In the bathroom, there are boxes for diabetics to dispose needles. Older adults tell stories of how the casinos always remember their birthday, and if they stayed away too long, the casino would send them a card saying that they were missed.