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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Graphic: 193 Ways to Say “Drunk” From History

This list of terms, dating back to the 1300s, includes "schnockered," "muzzed" and "honkers." You never have to get boring old "drunk" again.

25 Substance

For when “drunk” doesn’t cut it, we have other words in the English language to describe our intoxication—words like “wasted” and “smashed” for the nights we don’t remember. And “buzzed” and “tipsy” for the nights we do. We have “hammered” and “loaded” when we’re feeling like college freshmen, and “pissed” when we’re feeling British. But our options are pretty limited, and these words can lose their magic after a while.

Luckily, for those whose well has run dry, this handy graphic from the Independent lays out a colorful array of words to describe your drunkenness, dating back to the 1300s! The list, compiled from a historical thesaurus, include terms you probably haven’t heard, like “cup-shotten” (1300s), “sack-sopt” (1593) and “muzzed” (1836). As well as some classics you might have forgotten, like “blotto” (1917, shortly before prohibition) and “plotzed” (1962). Getting “schnockered” does sound quirkier and more fun than getting “smashed” but keep in mind, the ultimate effect is the same.