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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: Americans Fear Raw Milk More Than Marijuana

A survey shows that Americans are way more concerned with banning raw milk and requiring calorie labels in restaurants than banning weed.

23 Substance

As further evidence that a sea change is occurring in the country’s attitude towards marijuana, a recent survey shows that more Americans are worried about the negative effects of raw, unpasteurized milk than they are about banning marijuana.

When surveyed about their opinions on various food policies, 60% of people said they would ban the sale of raw milk while only 46% would ban marijuana (see graphic below). This could spell trouble for lovers of raw milk. Sales of the unpasteurized dairy product are banned in 20 states, fueling a “moo shine” black market.

Americans showed even more support for policies that would require calorie labels in restaurants and mandate that school lunches contain fruits and vegetables. The only issue that concerned people less than marijuana was sugared soda, with under 40% supporting a soda tax. Sorry, Bloomberg.

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