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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Graphic: Are You At a Hipster Bar?

These checklists of hipster-ish themes, gimmicks and cocktails will help you navigate the layers of irony.

4 Substance

“Hipsters are the worst!” gripes practically everyone, especially hipsters themselves. And yet, they seem to have cornered the market on everything from organic Kale to booze. Hipsters love to drink; it’s a known fact. And their favorite place to drink is at the hipster bar. You’ve probably been to one yourself.

Not sure if you’re at a hipster bar or just a regular ol’ bar? This check list (below) offers some helpful signs (or symptoms) to look for. Did you clean out your bank account buying three drinks? Are the bartenders wearing Hooters tee-shirts… ironically? Is there a small bowl of pickles in your near vicinity? Congrats: You’re at a hipster bar.