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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Graphic: Beer Beats Wine in Quest for World Domination

The world consumes about 187 billion liters of beer each year compared to only 24 billion liters of wine. Which team is your country on?

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Did you know wine and beer were engaged in a battle? Well, they are, and beer is winning easily. The hops-based beverage is far more popular than wine across the globe, according to this graphic from Comparecamp.com. Approximately 50 billion gallons of beer were consumed in 2013, vs. a paltry six billion liters of wine in 2013—that’s about two bottles of beer to one glass of wine.

A lot of this beer is getting guzzled in China—home to the world’s top beer market, followed by the US. But Americans are drinking more wine than ever before (as evidenced at your family reunion), and now dominate the global wine market, by downing 770 thousand gallons of the fermented grape beverage a year. France, known for its amour de vin, is a close second.

As far as individual consumption goes, the US is actually ranked #14 in the world for beer, with the average American drinking 121 bottles a year. Czech Republic tops the list by far, with the average adult downing 62 gallons of beer each year, followed by Austria, Germany, Estonia and Poland. And the world’s biggest wine drinkers live in the Vatican, where the average person is “sipping” an impressive 20 gallons a year. For purely “religious” purposes, we assume.