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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: How Hooked Are We on Social Media?

Sites like Facebook and Twitter eat up years of our lives. Do you "like"?

3 Substance

It seems that everybody and their grandmother is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest these days. So it may be obvious that all this social networking is driving Internet addiction. But how deeply are we hooked? This infographic by Go Globe lays out the numbers.

There are an estimated 2.03 billion social media users the world over—that’s 28% of the planet’s population. And collectively, 39,757 years of our lives are spent cruising Facebook. That’s a lot of “likes.” (But if you’re hooked, there’s help!)

Younger folks have the heaviest habits, with users aged 15 to 19 spending an average of at least three hours a day on social media, compared to two hours among adults aged 20-29. And a whopping 60-80% of people’s time on the Internet at work is not work-related…which may come as no surprise if you’re reading these words from your office.

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