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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Graphic: Just How Sloshed Are British Cruise Ship Passengers?

Six beers, two cocktails, a bottle of wine and "a pair" of whiskies? All in a day's work for your typical cruise ship passenger, according to this poll.

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The answer is: bloody sloshed, at least according to a survey carried out by the website Bonvoyage.co.uk. They polled 3,000 British cruise ship passengers and found that the average daily alcohol consumption during a week at sea consists of six beers, two cocktails, a bottle of wine and “a pair” of whiskies (for what this looks like after a whole week at sea, see below). In total, this works out to about eight times the recommended alcohol intake for men and 12 times the recommended amount for women.

“A cruise is one of the most relaxing holidays out there and it is evident from our research that passengers are certainly relaxing with a few alcoholic beverages,” says a spokesman for Bonvoyage.co.uk, using an interesting definition of “relaxing.”

Then again, if there were ever such a thing as a valid excuse to annihilate yourself with alcohol, it might be that you’re stranded at sea with a bunch of strangers.

All in a week's work for your typical cruise ship passenger.

Just a week at sea. No big deal. Photo via