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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: If Your Favorite Video Games Were Drugs

Did you know that World of Warcraft has a lot in common with cocaine? Find out which drug parallels your favorite addictive video game.

4 Substance

We use video games to check out from reality, relax and seek pleasure—just like drugs. But if your favorite video game was a specific drug, which one would it be? The folks at Dorkly have figured it out. In this compelling graphic, they’ve illustrated how games from World of Warcraft to Minecraft to Civilization (does anybody remember Windows 95?) are a lot like certain substances.

They’ve basically nailed it: You can’t deny that Minecraft does eat up your time and also make you both relaxed and paranoid, like pot. And you can’t quit Pokemon no matter how hard you try, like smoking. Plus, you know you’d vouch for whichever brand you started with (Pokemon Red, anyone?).

Does your preferred video game match up with your drug-of-choice? Check it out: