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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Graphic: Marijuana Laws All Around the World

This beautiful graphic depicts the current state of pot laws across the planet.

4 Substance

The US isn’t the only country in the midst of major changes when it comes to marijuana laws. Governments throughout the world are revising their policies on pot. Espolea, a Mexican NGO advocating for human rights, developed this fascinating info graphic (below) showing the varying states of global pot legalization as of today. The bright pink indicates in which countries pot is still illegal—currently, that is most of the world. But in countries such as Israel, medical marijuana is legal and possession has been decriminalized, but selling and transporting marijuana is still illegal.

Cannabis Legal Regimes Around the World


Legal Status: Illegal / Decriminalized / Legal / Not Applicable

Use or Activity: Possession / Sale / Transport / Grow / Medical Use