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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: The 411 on Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles are the talk of the town. Here are some facts you should you know before chowing down.

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As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, “edibles” (weed-infused food products) have become a major talking point. The treats have taken the market by storm in states where recreational pot is legal, like Washington and Colorado. Predictably, the notion of edible drugs has led to a flurry of fear campaigns, like this sign in Florida that suggested they may lead to date rape, and a campaign warning parents that their kids could end up with pot-candy in their Halloween trick-or-treat bags (there were zero reports of this happening).

Turns out, pot poisonings are incredibly rare: In fact, kids are more likely to be sickened by diaper cream than marijuana, according to the National Poison Data System. But edible marijuana can have some uncomfortable side effects, just like any other mind-altering substance (just ask Maureen Dowd).

It helps to stay informed. That’s why the folks at Medical Jane and Whaxy created “Infused Edibles 101, “A Simple Guide For MMJ Patients“ to explain the different types of edibles and outline the precautions that should be taken when consuming them. For instance, the duration of the edible high is much longer than the high experienced from smoking. And of course, driving under the influence of weed in any form is a no-no. Check it out: