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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: The Lowdown on Marijuana Legalization in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC

What exactly would legalization mean in each of these places? And how likely are their voters to back it on November 4?

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Residents of Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC will vote on November 4 to decide whether to join Colorado and Washington State in legalizing marijuana. To illustrate exactly what this means, Talking Drugsa website operated by Release, the UK-based center of expertise on drugs and drugs lawhas published this super-handy infographic. It includes details of what the proposed new laws would allow, plus recent polling numbers to indicate the prospects of each measure passing.

One big difference between the three initiatives is that both Measure 91 (Oregon) and Measure 2 (Alaska) would fully regulate marijuana sales, while Initiative 71 (Washington, DC) would only legalize possession and use. California is another state with a big vote coming up: Proposition 47 would turn possession of a range of illegal drugs into a mere misdemeanor.