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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Graphic: This Is Your Body on Booze

Alcohol's effects on your bod are a mixed bag. This graphic weighs the major pros and cons.

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Like many things, alcohol can be good for you in moderation. Your 95-year-old grandmother didn’t drink a glass of wine a day for nothing. But alcohol can, of course, be destructive as well. This infographic by Prevention.com lays out the risks and potential benefits of alcohol on each part of your body. There are a few surprising facts. For example, who knew alcohol can create low levels of Vitamin A, which protects against night blindness? And Type 2 diabetes sufferers are 25% less likely to get a kidney disease if they drink in moderation. But booze can also raise your risk of breast cancer and cause irritable bowel syndrome.

They forgot to include “fun” in the “cheers” section and “public humiliation” in the “fears” section. But we already knew those.

your body on alcohol-health-risks-graphic