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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Graphic: Your Children Are More Likely to Be Poisoned by Diaper Cream Than by Marijuana

Weirdly, there have been no reports of an outcry against diaper cream.

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Chances are your children will not be poisoned by marijuana, despite dire anti-legalization warnings that teens will use more and small children will accidentally ingest edibles. Just this past Halloween, fearmongers in Colorado were warning parents of the increased risk of children being slipped edibles while trick-or-treating. It didn’t happen.

Turns out, kids are more likely to be poisoned by diaper cream than marijuana. Thirty-five thousand parents called poison control in 2012 seeking help when their children ate diaper cream, while a mere 254 calls were made concerning children who ingested marijuana, according to the National Poison Data System.

The Washington Post created this graph comparing reported marijuana poisoning cases to cases involving much more common household goods, like toothpaste and dishwasher detergent. We await the moral panic about the widespread availability of toothpaste.