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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Graphics: Where in the World Are You Most Likely to Have a Bad Trip?

Global Drug Survey data reveals the countries where psychedelic drug users are most likely to have had a bad trip. Spoiler: North American 'shroomers, be careful.

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One of the well known possible outcomes of using psychedelic drugs is the ubiquitous “bad trip.” If you haven’t had one, a bad trip is often characterized as a “disturbing psychological experience” and generally involves a boatload of anxiety. And there’s still no way to predict if it will happen, though there are ways to minimize negative effects. According to The Global Drug Survey (GDS), most psychedelic drug users have not experienced one. But many have. These graphics, based on the countries surveyed in 2014, found that Portugal was the place where LSD users were most likely to have had a bad trip, followed closely by Mexico. LSD users in Belgium and the Netherlands were least likely to have had one.


But surprisingly, the Portuguese were least likely to have had a bad trip from magic mushrooms. Canada and the US take the lead in this category, with more than a third of North American ‘shroomers reporting a trip gone awry. Interestingly, legality seems to have no bearing on the outcome of the survey. In Spain, 24.9% have had a bad trip compared to only 12.9% in Brazil, even though magic mushrooms are legal in both countries.