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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Here’s the New E-Cig App that Will Monitor Your Life Expectancy

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A lifesaver? photo via

It was bound to happen eventually: an app for e-cigarettes. And not just any app, but a “healthy” app that promises to keep track of the ways in which vaping will extend your life?

Smokio, a French company that was formed in 2013, developed a smart vaporizer that claims to help smokers quit their tobacco habit while allowing them to keep track of their newly formed vaping habit. It does this by measuring “the positive impact on vitals, such as blood oxygenation and heart rejuvenation” that result from not smoking cigarettes, or so the App Store description suggests but does not explicitly state.

“We aim to develop and manufacture affordable and easy-to-use consumer electronics,” explains the company website. And, the result is a smartphone synced e-cigarette wherein ”every puff is captured and saved, even when your smartphone is out of sight.”

The new app is yet another clever ploy by e-cigarette manufacturers, who have been accused of targeting the youth market. Following a similar trajectory once taken by the big tobacco companies, exposure to e-cigarette ads have increased by 256% among adolescents ages 12 to 17, and by 321% among young adults, ages 10 to 24, according to USA Today.

And, despite the fact that the FDA still hasn’t ruled on the potentially harmful or not so harmful effects of e-cigarettes, Smokio continues to target youthfull vapers by creating a beautiful app interface that resembles the iPhone game Dots, and a product messaging strategy that suggests vaping is healthy, or at the very least a healthier alternative to smoking.

Among other things the smart e-cig’s healthy features include a graph that compares how often you vape to how often you used to smoke. It will also show you how much you have increased your life expectancy since the last time you smoked a cigarette. Psychic apps are a thing now apparently.

So far there are no user reviews about how well the app works for vapers. We are waiting with baited breath.