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Internet Addiction Affects High-Flyers Like You the Most: Five Tips to Reduce Risk

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A new study indicates that highly successful professionals run the greatest risk of becoming addicted to the Internet. Their high-pressure jobs can require hundreds of email communications in a day, and they often spend after-work hours attempting to stay on top of the constant flow. Once on their iPhone, iPad or laptop, the temptation to surf the net can be hard to resist, further deepening their digital dependence. The Internet has effectively made them 24/7 workers. Waking up several times a night to Internet-check, a not uncommon practice, does not a happy home make.

In The Guardian, a former web addict shares her five top tips to “maintain a healthy online life.” These include: Scheduling your Internet time (and when it ends); accepting that you can’t answer every email; disabling unnecessary notifications; getting out for a walk; and remembering that the Internet is not as important as we might sometimes think.

Organizations seem to focus on the extent to which individuals lose working hours using the Internet for personal purposes. However those individuals who work long house and use technology to work outside office hours are overlooked mainly due to their success. It could be that higher damage to the companies comes from over-achievers who are somehow encouraged to work long hours.