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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Humor: If People Talked About Other Drugs Like They Talk About Coffee

Some drugs are a lot more stigmatized than others, as College Humor reveals in this collection of memes.

8 Substance

Addiction is still stigmatized in mainstream society today—but not all addictions. Discussing your use of illicit drugs like cocaine or heroin, or your dependence on the legal drug alcohol, is generally deemed NSFW (Not Safe For Work). But your addiction to caffeine (a drug), in the form of your daily cup(s) of joe, is perfectly acceptable—in fact, it’s the norm. This provocative collection of memes from popular comedy website College Humor reveals this double standard, asking “what would it be like if people talked about other drugs the way they talk about coffee?” Proclamations like ”Do NOT talk to me until I’ve had my heroin!” probably would not fly at the office water cooler. Check it out:

college humor-drug talk-coffee-meme

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