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Will Godfrey Will Godfrey

Image: Seattle Cops Release Drug Photos From Kurt Cobain’s Death Scene

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Those of us of a certain vintage and inclination remember where we were when we heard about Kurt Cobain’s death like our parents do with Kennedy’s. The Nirvana frontman, whose voice and lyrics on the albums Nevermind and In Utero seemed to represent a generation, killed himself with a shotgun in April 1994.

As you’d expect, conspiracy theorists have long posited alternative explanations for his death. As the 20th anniversary approaches, Seattle police, reviewing the case, have released some previously unseen photographs of the scene—the one below shows a cigar box containing drug paraphernalia including needles and a spoon. ”There was nothing earth-shattering in any of these images,” says police spokeswoman Renee Witt. “The detective went into the case files to refresh himself. The outcome of the case has not changed.”

Cobain had struggled with depression and heroin addiction, and had tried to kill himself with tranquilizers in Rome earlier that year. His suicide note thanked his fans “from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach.”

A photo newly released by Seattle police showing drug paraphernalia at Cobain's death scene Photo via

A photo released by Seattle police, showing drug paraphernalia at Cobain’s death scene Photo via