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Invention: Tattletale Smoke Detector Knows What You’re Smoking

It could be the end of the world as you know it, secret smokers. This new gadget detects pot and cigarette smoke and will rat you out.

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Watch out: you’re being smelled. Photo via

Watch out, secret smokers: The walls could soon have noses. Hotels and other no-smoking establishments could soon be equipped with specialized smoke detectors that know exactly what you’re smoking and will rat you out. Currently, standard smoke detectors just go off in the event of a fire. But Joseph BelBruno, a chemistry professor from Dartmouth College, has invented a smoke detector that is built to detect cigarette and marijuana smoke. And then this Brutus of gadgets will automatically log and report the illicit activity.

Called the “AirGuard,” it could be the be-all and end-all of casually ignoring “No Smoking” signs in hotel rooms, and other areas where smoking is prohibited. Like teenagers’ bedrooms. There will be two versions: a handheld battery-powered model that connects to your smartphone, and a Wi-Fi model that plugs directly into a standard wall outlet. The gadgets will be available for purchase early next year, so enjoy lighting up in secret while you still can.