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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Is a Bar for Pregnant Women Really Opening In Manhattan?

Full marks for shock value.

3 Substance

Last Thursday, large billboards appeared at the corner of Avenue A and 5th Street in Manhattan, heralding Gestations: “NYC’s first bar for pregnant women.” Unsurprisingly, the shocking tagline has been the cause of much consternation and  some offense, as passers-by and Twitterati alike try to figure out if such a bar is actually going to open in the neighborhood.

Resting in the window of an empty storefront at the given address is what appears to be an authentic State Liquor Authority notice. The bar also has fully functioning Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a voicemail message. Some of the uncomfortable deals being marketed include the “trimester specials and [the] 9-month happy hour,” because, “Now you’re drinking for two!” Here is an ad that the company allegedly placed in Times Square:

But never fear—it turns out that the morally dubious concept is a viral marketing stunt for a new app called Bartendr, reports EV Grieve. And judging by the column inches this has received, you can’t question its effectiveness, even if you question its taste. The broker for the building at the alleged new premises explains that the landlord rented out space to the company solely for the purpose of using the sign for one month—a veterinary office reportedly plans to move in there instead.