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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Is ISIS Drugging Its Soldiers With Cocaine to Boost Morale?

Apparently, it's only necessary to create huge bonfires of *other* people's drugs.

5 Substance

The evidence. Photo via

The evidence. Photo via

Is ISIS high? Rampant cocaine use is not what you would expect among the Jihadist group, given its public anti-drug stance. Narcotics, alcohol and tobacco are forbidden under strict Sharia law. But just because the murderous militants have been known to destroy marijuana fields and burn piles of booze and cigarettes to prove their point doesn’t mean they’re above secretly dosing their own troops with cocaine.

The evidence lies in a huge bag of blow found at the home of ISIS leader Emir Abu Zahra after he was killed by Kurdish fighters, the Daily Mail reports (so, it might be true…). The photographic evidence (right) looks convincing, anyhow. The discovery has led to rumors that Zahra was distributing the drug to his men as a morale booster, as US coalition and Kurdish forces advance on the territory ISIS still holds.

ISIS has previously been rumored to give drugs to its soldiers so that they “fight more bravely,” despite telling residents of occupied territories “no drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes allowed.” And then burning their stashes in a great big bonfire.