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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

“The Hangover Club” Offers Redemption Via IV Drips for NYC’s Elite

The lengths Manhattanites will go to to booze without morning-after consequences are extreme.

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The Hangover Club says that their electrolyte-friendly elixirs will cure your hangover in 30 minutes. Image Via

The cures may also cause you to be surrounded by laughing women. Photo via

Do you hate hangovers? Live in New York City? Have a colossal amount of money in your bank account? If you answered yes to all three, you may be interested in the Big Apple’s elite IV Nutri-Drip service: the Hangover Club.

For a mere $175 to $249, the Hangover Club will come to your home and “Blast Your Body Back Into Balance,” helping you go “#beyond-hangovers” (official hashtag).

This service—it’s for real, we promise—began serving NYC’s elite partygoers in June, and is now entering its first holiday season.

Although undergoing intravenous treatment for a common-or-garden hangover may seem excessive, the Hangover Club’s website stresses: “You don’t have time to be hungover. You have shit to do.”

Right. And if you also have the dough, there are several different options for hangovers of varying severity: the “Classic Hangover”, “Super Hangover” and “Mega Hangover” cures.

The cures, which vary significantly in price, feature different combinations of ingredients, the most basic of which are 1000ml+ of Lactated Ringer IV Solution, Zofran Sublingual (if needed for nausea) and Toradol IM. And according to the website, the appropriate cure is “guaranteed” to put you back on your feet in only 30 minutes.

But that’s not all! Apart from the at-home service, there are also five hangover spas in Manhattan for those who want to schmooze with the similarly rich and groggy while they recharge their electrolytes.

Or, you could just go easy on the sauce.