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TODAY! Join Our Booze ‘n the Holidays Twitter Chat with Phoenix House on December 10

Whether you drink or you don't, #CheersChat—on Wednesday, December 10 at 3 pm EST—is for you.

12 Substance

The holidays are upon us, which for lots of us means lots of alcohol. But for those of us who don’t drink—or who are just trying to drink a little more responsibly this year—this can be a tricky time.

For instance, if you want to stay off the sauce, how to decline that spiked eggnog without telling everyone at the company party your life story? And if you do drink, how to negotiate the festivities without ending up hammered in front of Grandma? And just what is it about all that time spent with family members, anyway?

These are a few of the questions we’ll tackle when Substance.com teams up with Phoenix House, the national nonprofit addiction treatment organization, for #CheersChat—on Twitter at 3 pm EST on Wednesday, December 10.

Everyone is invited to participate—and you’ll be joining a host of experts when you do. Just tweet your replies to the questions posed by @Substancedotcom and @PhoenixHouse (if you don’t follow them yet, do it now!) and make sure you include the hashtag #CheersChat in every tweet.

Our featured guests will include addiction theorist, author and Substance.com columnist Stanton Peeleaddiction psychologist and researcher Adi Jaffe; and addiction expert and clinical assistant professor in the New York University Department of Psychology Scott Kellogg. Also joining the conversation are Denise Mariano, a parent with a son in recovery and a coach for Partnership for Drug-Free Kids; Kenneth Anderson, executive director of HAMS (Harm Reduction for Alcohol); journalist and author Max Daly; and Substance.com columnist Jeff Deeney.

It’s sure to get lively… If you’re able to RSVP, email: ljohnson@phoenixhouse.org. We’ll see you there!