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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

Quiz: Are you a Love Addict?

Having relationship or dating issues? Maybe love addiction is to blame: Try our interactive quiz.

3 Substance

Romantic obsession is an addiction every bit as real as a drug problem, explains author and recovering love addict Ethlie Ann Vare in her recent essay for Susbtance.com. Happily, she’s now found positive ways to manage the condition, but it once dominated her life:

“It felt like I would drown if I didn’t hear His voice… whoever He was at the time. I chose my clothes based on how desirable they made me. I chose my profession for its glamour. I chose my car for its sexiness, my grocery store for its hot-guy quotient. Even my pets were selected based on their appeal to men.”

Have you ever felt this way? Take our quiz to find out whether, just maybe, you’re a love addict too.

[Of course, this quiz doesn't provide any kind of medical diagnosis. It's just meant to get you thinking. The questions and results are adapted from Ethlie Anne Vare's article, "WTF is Love Addiction?", based on her personal experiences and research as a recovering love addict and author. Hit Start, then scroll down inside the quiz to see all eight questions.]

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